Maybe you are too busy trying to get yourself out of bed or dealing with your anxiety to think about living the life you would truly like to have.

I know what that’s like because I have been there. I spent years living in my head, ignoring what my body was trying to tell me. At my low point I was unhappy with my relationship, my job, and where I lived. I even cut myself off from friends because I was so ashamed of how bad things were and how powerless I felt.

As I began a yoga practice everything shifted. I gained clarity, direction and the strength to change my life. Looking back, I don’t even recognize that unhappy woman as me.

I studied yoga to find out why it had this amazing effect on me and to find more tools to help regulate my anxiety and depression. What I found is too good to keep to myself!

That is why I am so excited to share with you practices that will help you to manage your mood, create emotional resilience, and begin to know the remarkable creature that is the real you.

Can you imagine:

  • Dealing with stress and changes more easily
  • Possessing the energy and optimism to face challenges
  • Having the perseverance to see things through; knowing when to let go
  • Creating the life you were meant to lead

Have you ever taken a yoga class and felt great afterwards but you didn’t know how to make it last? Or you haven’t tried yoga because you thought you couldn’t do it, or you wouldn’t fit in?

That is why I offer private sessions that are designed JUST FOR YOU with simple yet effective practices that help you get a handle on your feelings and bring you to a state of optimal emotional and physical health.

I would be so honored to work with you. Call or email me to schedule a session where we can begin to envision your healthiest self.

Wishing you ease and joy,


Greater Philadelphia Area