Tina Pritchard helps women who experience anxiety and depression create emotional resiliency so they can feel calm and clear. A certified Integrative Yoga Therapist, Tina has studied Functional Yoga Therapy, LifeForce Yoga and Reiki. 

Eighteen years as a yoga teacher, specialized training in yoga for emotional balance, and a personal history of anxiety and depression makes Tina passionate about helping women feel lighter and more energetic, and cultivate a playful attitude toward life.

What To Expect When You Work With Me…

Start envisioning and moving toward your healthiest self even before we meet by filling out a health and lifestyle questionnaire

  • Gain new insight into your challenges and the emotions underlying them
  • Get my personalized recommendation of practices to build self-awareness and experience your emotions without getting caught up in reactions
  • Use yoga-based movement, breath work, and meditation techniques to help you  cultivate the ability to “roll with the punches”
  • Assess and refine your practice to experience more energy, confidence and enthusiasm
  • A minimum of three sessions is recommended to get you started on your new path

Yoga Therapy :
The application of yoga practices to empower individuals toward improved health and well being.