Through her tailored guidance, Tina has helped me to address specific challenges and goals that I have in order to create a practice geared toward both physical and emotional health. We progress at my speed, and her intuitive and patient approach allows me plenty of time to absorb and adapt the new information and elements of the practice she suggests.
~~ Donna Cusano

Her patience and dedication to bringing the joy of yoga to every student no matter what their starting point is extraordinary. (Tina is a gem in yoga’s crown. That is, if yoga has a crown.)
~~ Tim Wade

She expertly integrates yoga philosophy with breathing exercises, postures and guided relaxation in a way that nourishes body and soul.
~~ Jackie Salmon

I appreciated Tina’s calm, caring and professional manner. Also her ability to accept where I am but still “nudge” me was very valuable.
~~ Abby Lang